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Hire Us!

Are you are looking for the perfect venue to hold an event - such as a retreat, workshop, class, training or lecture, or even a party?.



Welford House is the perfect venue for a private training event, meeting or conference.


We have a beautiful Living Room (6x7m) and Dining Room (7x7m) that are joined by a large doorway with stunning glass doors with space to seat 40 aprx people. We can also provide teas, coffees and other refreshments.


This is a perfect venue for established Yoga, Pilates or T'ai Chi teachers who wish to run a Retreat in a beautiful and relaxing setting just outside of the city. 

We pride ourselves on our flexibility to meet your needs. Please send us an email with any thoughts and ideas you have and we will try our best to accomodate for you. Whatever you are looking for, we will help you organise every detail for your event.


3 reception rooms
Large kitchen

7-8 large double bedrooms
Large private grounds


The property can accommodate 150 guests easily and sleep 17 persons in the house alone.


Welford House can be hired on a self-catered basis, or we have some wonderful foodie people that we can reccommend. 

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